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Except for this paragraph, and a change in title, this is a copy of my 'professional' website as it stood when I finished in academia. My EPSRC postdoctoral fellowship at Oxford finished in September 2013.
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Rhys Davies

About me

I am currently an EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellow in the Mathematical Physics group of the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford. In particular, I am part of the Oxford String Theory Group. I have a broad interest in fundamental/high energy physics, including grand unification, supersymmetry and quantum gravity. Much of my recent work and current research centres around Calabi-Yau manifolds, in particular their applications to compactifications of heterotic string theory and F-theory, and topological transitions between Calabi-Yau threefolds. I have also worked on new models of TeV-scale supersymmetry which have an unbroken R-symmetry.

I previously completed a B.Sc. in pure mathematics (but did my Honours year in Physics), and an M.Sc. in theoretical physics at the University of Melbourne, followed by a D.Phil. in the theoretical physics department at the University of Oxford.

This website

Under "Research" you will find links to my papers, and slides for various technical talks and seminars I have given. The "Resources" page contains various things which I hope might be of use, including some of my notes on various topics.

My blog

I have a blog, at which I mostly post physics and mathematics news and rumours, as well as discussions of topics I find interesting, pitched at various levels. Unfortunately the blog has been quite inactive lately.

String group bag lunch meetings

In 2012/13, I am organising the informal Oxford string group 'bag lunch' seminar; the schedule is here.